Supplying Safe, Reliable and Field Tested Rigging Slings, Rigging Hardware and  Mechanical Load Testing Services for Nearly 60 Years

For the highest quality, safest and most reliable fabricated rigging products, wire rope slings, rigging hardware, synthetic slings and chain products at the most competitive prices, look no further than The Coordinated Companies. In business for nearly 60 years, we take our responsibility for customer safety very seriously. With the average rigger having over 20 years of experience, and a staff who pride themselves on their technical knowledge, The Coordinated Companies’ customers are assured of safe rigging products that will stand up to any requirements.

 The Coordinated Companies status as the leader in safe rigging solutions is due to our stellar 24/7 service, skilled riggers, breadth of products and consistent on-time deliveries. Our ability to perform mechanical load testing from eight to 8,000,000 pounds is unmatched on the entire west coast. For safe and durable rigging slings and rigging products, and the testing of critical applications, name companies turn to The Coordinated Companies from industries such as:

• Aerospace

• Marine construction   • Bridge Construction • Wind power

• Crane rental

• Marine Transportation   • Highway Construction • Nuclear power

• Energy

• Container Terminals   • Utilities • Oil

    Coordinated Wire Rope
      Safe and Reliable Rigging Slings and Rigging Hardware


Wide Range of Rigging Solutions for Many Applications

The wide variety of rigging solutions Coordinated Wire Rope fabricates and supplies includes:
Wire ropes for all types of cranes
Wire rope slings up to 3" diameter
• Alloy chain and
chain slings
Synthetic flat web and polyester round slings
Rigging hardware (shackles, hooks, turnbuckles, blocks)
Safety products (fall prevention harnesses, lifelines, lanyards)

Coordinated Wire Rope is one of the only companies in the United States experienced in fabricating and testing flat rope, which delivers numerous advantages compared to round wire. We are often called a "full line" rigging loft because we fabricate or sell virtually everything used for lifting, hoisting, pulling and tying down heavy materials. CWR’s rigging hardware, chain and synthetic rigging sling fabrication and testing services and capabilities include:

World Class Mechanical Load Testing to 8 million pounds

Test Weights, Spreader Bars, Winch, and Hoist Rental

CEC Testing Services, a division of Coordinated Equipment Company, offers a large variety of mechanical load testing services for a vast range of industries including the offshore, marine, aerospace, and construction industries. We have been a mainstay in the mechanical load testing industry for over 60 years, taking pride in all we do.

We offer static and functional proof testing on a large variety of lifting and handling components, measuring devices, tooling, hardware, cables, ropes, winches, hoists and more. We have the capability to apply loads up to 8,000,000 pounds in both tension and compression. The facility is equipped with both vertical and horizontal adjustable test machines with the unique ability to test ropes and cables up to 300 feet in length.

As a result of our high load application capabilities and the versatility offered from our unique test machines and equipment, we maintain an unmatched ability to perform a wide range of unprecedented tests.

● On-site spooling and fabrication
● 24/7 service
● 8,000,000 pound horizontal tester
● NIST certified 140 ton vertical tester
● Critical testing for all applications
● 2,500 ton ESCO press
● Swaging up to 3" diameter wire rope rigging slings
● Four locations proximal to major ports
● Large inventory of domestic products
● Assembly, testing and certification of all types lifting slings
● Annually inspect, test and re-certify every rigging product we sell

With the use of a computerized control system, we have the ability to set pre-determined tension ranges and strain rates on our load application equipment for automatic cyclic fatigue testing.
Our mechanical load testing system also features a modular data acquisition system capable of monitoring elongation, tension and other physical phenomena in real time.

The use of our mechanical arm gives us the ability to test high strength samples with up to 54 feet of elongation without resetting the hydraulic rams.

The Coordinated Companies are also affiliated with Tension Member Technology, one of the foremost and most sophisticated testing companies in the world. TMT performs fatigue testing, cycle testing and destructive and reverse bend testing. It can replicate practically any environmental condition imaginable by creating and building one of a kind testing machinery for our customers.

Don't Leave Safety Hanging by a Thread - Call The Coordinated Companies to supply any of your most challenging rigging or Mechanical Load Testing requirements.

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